Ginger Root Essential Oil - 4 oz.

Ginger root has been grown all over the world in warm climates and has been widely used for its scent, flavor and medicinal benefits. Ginger Root Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale) is also commonly known as Ginger. Ginger Root is a very viscous oil, with a medium-strength earthy, woody, sweet, and warm aroma presenting a middle-base fragrance note. Ginger is also used to sooth upset stomachs and nausea associated with cancer treatment, morning sickness and motion sickness. It is known to improve energy, treat menstrual pain, support weight loss, can be used as a laxative and a natural antacid. Botanical Name: Zingiber Officinale Made in China. Warning: Essential oils are for external use only. Benefits Of Ginger Root Essential Oil Treats Acne Reduces Wrinkles Heals Scars Improves Energy Supports Weight Loss Natural Aphrodisiac Natural Insecticide Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Fungal Antiseptic

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