Grapefruit (White) Essential Oil - 4 oz.

Cold-pressed Grapefruit essential oil from the peels of the fresh fruit for a citrusy oil with the bright aroma of a grapefruit orchard. Encourage feelings of joy, satisfaction, and playfulness. Not only is Grapefruit oil perfect for diffusing, but it’s also a great addition to skin care products from lotions to bath salts. Botanical Name: Citrus Racemosa Warning: Essential oils are for external use only. Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil Reduces Appetite Promotes Weight Loss Stops Sugar Cravings Reduces Depression Boosts Energy Heals Hangovers Alleviates Stress Stimulates Immune System Heals Sore Throats Fights Acne Enables Hair Re-Growth Adds Shine To Hair Natural Air Freshener Natural Insecticide Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory Antibacterial Anti-Fungal

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