Turmeric Herbal Soap

This Turmeric Herbal Soap has a number of quality ingredients that are wonderful for the skin, such as turmeric, olive oil, shea butter, and honey. Turmeric provides a variety of benefits. It is a natural treatment for acne, it has anti-bacterial properties, and it is great for aging skin. Try this soap today! Benefits of Turmeric Herbal Soap: Natural Treatment for Acne. Revitalizes skin. Protects skin from acne & rash. Stimulates blood circulation. A natural anti-bacterial agent. Helps prevent acne. Prevents skin rashes. A natural moisturizer. An effective antibacterial soap. Treat and prevent dryness. Relieves eczema and psoriasis. Reduces facial hair growth. Lighten Stretch Marks. It provides a great relief to aging skin. Ingredients: Turmeric, olive oil, shea butter, honey, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, Essential oils and natural fragrances.

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